SRI ARUNACHALA Ashtottara Shata Namavali

ஆசிரியர்: வே.சு.ரமணன்

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On further search we found nearly 108 unique names of Arunachala. In Aruņācala Māhātmyam Lord Siva Himself blessed Gautama Muni with these names and their matchless power to attract the grace of the Lord.
Ashram decided to bring these names out in four languages Sanskrit, English, Tamil and Telugu for the benefit of readers from different regions. Some names are used in their split-up form in some versions.Lord Siva told Gautama Maharishi that whoever chants these nāmās in Arunachaleswara temple will be blessed immensely by Him.Ashram prays that devotees will benefit themselves spiritually by worshipping Lord Arunachala with these names.

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வே.சு.ரமணன் :

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