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In this age and times, one hardly has the time to cook, leave alone learn cooking. Even if one yearns to cook, from whom does one learn? Who has the time to teach the nuances of the great art called cooking?
More than ever before, youngsters today have to necessarily stay away from home and family in pursuit of studies or work. A little bit of cooking knowledge is always handy for anyone. After all, how long can one eat readymade (junk) food?
Recipes from Mach s Kitchen contains a carefully chosen recipes that are easy to cook. All you need is a pressure-cooker, few utensils and enthusiasm to treat yourself and your friends to some great home made food.
To cater to the needs of the hungry youth, Vikatan Books is proud to present its cookery book, Recipes from Mach s Kitchen.
Manimekalai Chelliah, (in her Mach avtar!) the author, has put in her vast experience in bringing to you an expanse of healthy, tasty and mouth-watering South Indian recipes.
I am sure this book will make t

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