Prediction Simplified (Bhava bala)

ஆசிரியர்: ஜோதிட தென்றல் S.அன்பழகன்

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In the war of right or wrong, one cannot 106 Famous Horoscopes 50 odd special Yogas 303 Astrological Terms 488 well laid out Pages 9 Planets Karakatwa 7 Planets Ruling Signs 7 Planets Exalted Signs 7 Planets Dabilitated Signs 12 House Properties Prediction based on Bhava Prediction rules simplified In depth incisive lessons Muhurtha for C--Section Do It Yourself type chapters afford to be neutral especially astrological dicta and doshas. Individual life is too precious and only one life -10 previous birth or next birth of same person--and no one has the authority and audacity to destroy some one's life in the name of Kuja Dosha on Manglik. Parasara's rules are sacrosanctail right... but they cannot trample on public peace and wreak havoc on their marital life.... Author

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