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Napoleon is one of the most illuminating figures in modern history. He was a man of extraordinary qualities and at the same time suffered from extraordinary failings. His ambition was power, his dream, a vast empire, and his passion, wars and victories. People loved him and presented him with power, gave him their sons to satisfy his passion for continuous warfare till he exhausted France of her manpower. Great kingdoms collapsed before him and all Europe trembled at his name. He terrorised many kings into subjugation till he was subjugated himself in a fateful battle and met his end in a tragic manner as the 'Prisoner of Europe'.
Here is the story of a dauntless man, the story of the great French Revolution from which this brilliant commander emerged; the story of his striking military campaigns, his mighty wars and conquests, his colourful love-affairs and the women who ruled him; and the story of intrigues that surrounded him and led to his downfall.
Emil Ludwig's "Napoleon" is a great book of modern times. His masterly handling of a historical subject and his superb presentation of the life of an outstanding man and a thrilling chapter of history, makes this book a classic.

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