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When the splendid colours of vegetables, fruits and other ingredients come alive in a steamy, hot dish on your plate, the taste buds are not the only happy ones. A true feast to multiple senses, a good dish, can add a lot flavour to an otherwise uninteresting day. Cooking is, indeed, a fascinating art.
Innovative variations to existing dishes and creative additions to the daily menu have always been welcomed by connoisseurs of good food. For, this is one of those exciting art forms that allow numerous experiments, permutations and combinations.
If the art in cooking pampers your taste buds, the science in cooking nurtures your health. In fact, there could be nothing like a delicious and healthy dish when one is hungry. It leaves you with a sense of inexplicable joy and fulfillment.
In this book we feature some very interesting microwave recipes and cookery tips. The author, culinary expert Vasantha Vijayaraghavan, wrote a series of articles for Aval Vikatan. The articles were a hu

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