Compendium Of Mental Blossoms

ஆசிரியர்: Selvi V.லலிதா, M.A.

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The book serves as source material for me important subjects like the study of Archives and Archival material, its management and maintenance. A vivid picture of modern personality like C.P. and generosity of Notable Rani evoke great interest. Velu Thambi's valour and Dalavoi statesmanship are revealed. The immense treasure in the manuscript collection of Colin Mackenzie shows the western interest in the east. Nicholas Roerich exposes the importance of art and painting in human life. Ramayya's Recent problems like water supply, banking system, the silk route and lost treasures in the deep waters are thought evoking. The book is very scholarly. The hard work and sensitive selection are to be appreciated. The author deserves hearty congrats.

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