Beyond The Religions (The Heritage And Culture Of Siddhas)

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An experiential research book that explains in detail the lives, traditions and philosophy of Siddhas, the abodes of Siddhas, vibrant Siddha jeeva samaadhis according to the birth star and ascendant – capable of releasing one from past sins and curses, the unique art of Siddhas who transcended death, the paashaanas or healing venoms, Siddha medicine, Siddha verses for potency and Siddhas who share a connection with politics.
Written by a Sanyasa Yogi who still maintains a powerful connection with the Siddhas of yore.
A practical book that explains the nuances of the ultimate art of Indian yogic systems, the essence of Siddha traditions - Kriya Pranayoga - that makes man realise the God in him and that he is God himself.

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